June 4, 2023

The Sentencing Phase for Steven Wiggins lasted a total of five days. Attorney Luke Evans called several witnesses to the stand to benefit his client, Steven Wiggins.

Evans called his Wiggins mother, several friends, and a mental health expert to the stand to testify on Wiggins’ behalf.

Each witness testified to how brutally violent Wiggins’ father was, yet General Crouch reminded the jury in his closing statements that his father, Scott Wiggins, is not on trial.

Closing statements were made again, this time to plead for Wiggins life.

Evans told the jury that he wasn’t asking them to forgive Steven, yet asking them to not send him to death row. In fact, he told the jury that life in prison without parole is sufficient for his violent acts towards Sgt. Baker.

However, General Crouch then gave his final closing statements that included letting the jury watch the body camera video one more time.

Through the continuation of this, the jury once again was receptive to every word and evidence shown throughout this phase of the trial.

After closing statements, Judge Wolfe charged the jury and jury deliberation began again for the second time.

After jury deliberation, the verdict came back to sentence Steven Wiggins to death row.

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