June 4, 2023
Wiggins first appearance in court since 2019

The third pre-trial hearing began Tuesday morning at 8:00am. This hearing discussed several different motions concerning after the guilt phase. With these motions, they will go into effect at the sentencing part of the trial.

At the beginning of the hearing, Judge Wolfe ruled that law enforcement in the gallery must wear normal clothes. However, security will still be required to wear their uniforms. Furthermore, this is in place to preserve the integrity of the trial and not show bias support.

The defense filed several motions that concerned the sentencing phase of the trial. The most important motion that was discussed was the appeal of stay. If approved, this appeal would go directly to a higher court than Judge Wolfe, which in return could push the trial back for years.

After each side was heard, Judge Wolfe made his ruling which denied the appeal of stay. The next phase of the trial will continue on with finishing jury selection and then beginning the trial on July 26th.

Wiggins leaving the courthouse

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