February 6, 2023

The Wiggins Trial continues to Day Three in Charlotte.

The State Calle its first witness, Dr. Edmond Hadley, a board certified doctor in emergency medicine.

Dr. Hadley testified that Wiggins had been on the run from law enforcement and was hungry, had fatigue, and his hand was hurting. Additionally, he stated that Wiggins had a history of low blood sugar, transient stroke-like symptoms, and took medicine for seizure medications.

However, Wiggins never mentioned a surgical history nor was there any apparent acute psychosis. After examining Wiggins, he prescribed Tylenol, but no narcotics.

The State then moved to their next witness, Bryan Huddle. Huddle was an acquaintance of Wiggins in 2018 and was here to testify voluntarily.

Huddle admitted that he himself was a convicted felon from addiction and incarcerated in 2018. During that time, he sent information through a kiosk in the prison about a conversation he had with Wiggins. The conversation described Wiggins having a pistol in his lap and Huddle advising him to be careful driving around Dickson with it.

Wiggins in return stated that “if anybody tries to stop me, I’ll smoke his ass”.

The defense then tried to discredit his testimony through cross examination. During this point, it was revealed that Huddle didn’t report this conversation right as soon as he remembered it. In fact, Huddle waited until he knew he could possibly benefit while in jail to offer this information to the TBI.

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