June 8, 2023

The Wiggins Trial began its’ second day in Charlotte.

Day Two began with the State calling Nathaniel Proctor to the stand. Proctor helped to assist the Dickson County Sheriff’s department in the search for Sergeant Baker.

In fact, he discovered Sergeant Baker’s patrol car and broke the widow out to find his body. Moreover, seeing his body, his instant reaction was “as a father, I thought about his little girl.”

The prosecution then called another witness, Darren Adams, who also aided in the search for Baker. Upon arrival, he thought that the smoke from the patrol car was coming from the airbags, yet later discovered it was from a fire started in the car to burn Sergeant Baker.

Adams’ first thoughts were life saving techniques, but realized Baker couldn’t be saved. Adams’ then observed burn holes in his uniform, saw the body cam, and tried to preserve the crime scene.

The most impactful statement from Adams was about his own physical uniform that day. Adams’ told the jury that the night they searched for Wiggins and Sgt. Baker, he placed his boots outside on his porch. He added that he had would not wear them until today. Therefore, they still have the blood, sweat, and tears from that day.

The prosecution then moved through several more witnesses throughout the day and called TBI Agent Steven Canard. Canard was responsible for preserving the crime scene on Tidwell Switch and Sam Vineyard.

Canard then took the entire jury through every single piece of evidence that was found at the scene with photographs. At the end of his testimony, the defense proceeded with their first cross examination of the trial to ask procedure questions.

After this testimony, the state called Chris Judd, a Tennessee State Trooper. Judd was the one who saw two individuals on the ground trying to hide, and later arrested both of them. The two individuals were identified as Steven Wiggins and Erika Castro-Miles.

Judd took both individuals into custody along with a backpack that Wiggins possessed that contained two firearms with loaded magazines.

Several more expert witnesses were called to the stand to discuss latent prints, crime scene analysis, and an overview of evidence to show the jury.

Day Two concluded at 6:45pm.

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