June 4, 2023

The Wiggins trial began Monday morning around 10:30. 

General Crouch read the indictment before his opening remarks. The indictment included 10 charges:

  1. False Report
  2. First Degree Murder
  3. Felony Murder
  4. Theft of Property- $10,000-$60,000
  5. Theft ($1,000.00 – $2,500.00)
  6. Criminal Impersonation Law Enforcement
  7. Criminal Impersonation Law Enforcement
  8. Tampering with Evidence
  9. Arson of Vehicle
  10. Abuse of Corpse

Opening statements began with General Crouch’s first sentence saying, “shots fired, officer down, these were the last words of Sergeant Daniel Baker.”

Crouch then painted the story of what transpired that day back in May of 2018, mentioning that Wiggins impersonated Sgt. Baker drove to a field, locked doors, and then left him to die.

Crouch continued by stating that after they captured Wiggins, they asked why he shot Sgt. Baker in the head and he stated, “like a dog, you don’t let him suffer.”

Crouch concluded his opening statements by asking the jury to find Wiggins guilty on every single count.

Next, Luke Evans began his opening statements for the defense. 

Evans began his opening statements by telling the jury that they’ll see things escalate when Wiggins doesn’t follow orders, and evidence of hearing shots being fired followed by seeing Wiggins’ face afterwards.

He then continued to add that there’s no question or doubt that Wiggins shot Baker, but told the jury that they’ll have to determine if he used judgement. 

Evans then ended his opening statements with, “the proof will make you angry, and that it made him angry until he got to know Steven”. 

The trial will continue tomorrow morning at 9:00am in Charlotte.

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