June 4, 2023

Wednesday night on the RFC Sports Hour we had the opportunity to speak with incoming Executive Director Mark Reeves.

He has been a part of the TSSAA for more than fourteen years and has seen a lot in that time.

He now accepts the challenge of filling current director Childress shoes.

Reeves has worked for Bernard Childress since they were both brought on.

He spent time last night looking back but also looking forward.

What have the TSSAA learned in the past years, where are they headed, and what can they do to improve?

Reeves did not shy away from any questions.

He explained the process of realignment in terms of classifications and reworking regions and districts.

Two topics Creek Wood fans have been very interested in after feeling their football program go the short end of the stick.

We also discussed umpire shortages and how it is really a nationwide issue, but the TSSAA is working to improve numbers.

Of course, we also inquired about the new Baseball format.

Why the change now? Does it also apply to softball? Why does it not?

Incoming Director Reeves masterfully explained everything and even at times elaborated on much.

If you have ever wanted to hear the all-to-human side of an otherwise NCAA-like organization, this is your chance.

Check out the link below for the full hour-long show.

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