January 29, 2023

The Dickson City Council met last Monday night to discuss several items on their agenda. One popular item was from the previous adjourned meeting on October 18th that discussed a potential townhome development. 

The original council meeting heard the first reading of the plans from Kent Campbell of Element Real Estate. Campbell said the company wanted to build 162 two-story, two- and three-bedroom townhomes on the site. However, several residents near the potential location of  1413 Highway 70 East came to the meeting speaking in opposition of the plans. The residents displayed several concerns of traffic and changing the environment of the neighborhood. 

Fast forward to this past November meeting and Mayor Weiss read a letter from Sean DeCoster informing the city that Element Real Estate had withdrawn its request to rezone the property at 1413 Highway 70 East for the planned townhome development.

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