June 8, 2023

For some, it is the longest two weeks of the year. For others, it goes by all too quickly.

The Dead Period.

The two weeks in the summer when the TSSAA dictates that no school, coach, administrator, etc. can have contact with an athlete.

Many athletes and their families take vacations during this time.

That is what recently committed Dickson County QB Colbey Lamberth is doing.

He took a well-deserved beach trip after making his big decision.

His Athletic Director and DC Golf Coach Jay Powlas also decided to hit the sands.

That being said some people go the other way. It’s a long two weeks of itching to get back out there.

Take Cougars Head Football Coach Jeff Tomlinson for example. Absolutely a family man, and enjoys his time away from the game.

However, he has already mentioned to me how excited he is to get back in around a week and a half and crank up fall camp. Conditioning, install, pads, etc.

Again, the dead period can be long or short. What matters most, is what you do during it.

Anyone with any kind of life experience will tell you that you absolutely need to take a break.

Turn off, if you will, and reset your mental health.

Many athletes though will also tell you that it is what you do when no one is watching/monitoring you that matters most.

That is what separates good from great, and great from champions.

While you cannot be in contact with your coaches, AD, or even be on campus at your school, what are you doing?

Are you still running at six am? Lifting weights? Organizing a light throwing session with your teammates?

If you aren’t then many will tell you that you are behind the curve.

So enjoy your vacation, I will be taking mine next week as well. However, remember, if you aren’t working to improve, someone else is.

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