June 4, 2023

Tuesday morning there was a confirmed shooting at a residence located on North Charlotte Street in Dickson County. 

A Hispanic male approached a resident at his home and began to advance on him. The resident then walked around to his car to retrieve his gun and shot at the ground in front of the Hispanic male. The suspect then chased the resident around his car, grabbed him, and unfortunately the resident ended up shooting the Hispanic male in the chest.

The resident proceeded to call 911 followed by the suspect then fleeing the crime scene to a pasture behind the residence. 

Police then arrived and took the suspect into custody and transported him to the Horizon Medical Center to undergo surgery to stabilize him. After surgery, the suspect was then transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

At this time there have been no charges filed on this situation and the resident does not know nor has had any previous interactions with the suspect until day.

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