June 8, 2023

Our Rewind Song of the Day takes us back to 1977. Jimmy Carter had just been sworn in, Voyager 1 was launched, and CB radios were about to fly off the shelf thanks to a summer blockbuster; Smokey & the Bandit. Despite a slow start Smokey & the Bandit would become the second highest grossing film of the year behind only Star Wars. That tell you how big this Burt Reynolds film was.

While Birt Reynolds, his amazing mustache, and Sally Fields made a great leading trio, today’s Rewind Song of the Day relies on co-star Jerry Reed. Reed dabbled in big and little screen appearance throughout the 70’s and appeared in all three (yes there are three) Smokey & the Bandit films. Of course, it was his music that most people knew him for, not his onscreen personas.

Throughout his musical career, Reed took a more…. humorous approach to his songs. Hits like ‘Lord, Mr. Ford’, ‘The Bird’, and ‘She Got the Goldmine (I Got the Shaft)’ tackled big topic with a ton of laughs. ‘East Bound and Down’ continued the trend of fun loving music with a real world tone. Check it out below and catch the Rewind Song of the Day just after 9am everyday on 101.5 The One and WDKN!

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