June 8, 2023

Today’s 9 O’Clock Rewind Song of the Day is all about Mr. Doug Stone. Doug Stone sang country songs. If they ever write a book about Doug that should be the first line. His arrival in the country music world in 1990 gave us hit after hit that were pure country. Maybe they had that ‘modern’ 90’s sound but they were country. How can a song like “I’d Be Better Off (In a Pine Box)” not be country??

By 1993, Doug was on the final single of his third album, he had notched four number one singles, and every single had been a Top 10 hit. “Why Didn’t I Think of That” stuck to the Doug Stone formula; it was country, it was relatable, and it had a narrative your couldn’t ignore. That’s all it took to climb the charts and claim another number one.

Like many 90’s country stars, Doug would fade away as the decade wore on. “Why Didn’t I Think of That’ was his final chart topper and his last charting song came in 2000. Despite his disappearance in the last 20 year, he’s still a legend in our book. Check out “Why Didn’t I Think of That” below and tune in for the 9 O’Clock Rewind Song of the Day everyday just after 9 AM!

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