January 29, 2023

Amy Crouse spoke on the power lunch yesterday about the business Results Physiotherapy. Crouse got her doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After graduating, she interned at Results Physiotherapy and started a full-time position in 2006.

Results Physiotherapy was started 25 years ago in Nashville but has since grown to more than 200 facilities in Tennessee and nearby states. One of the new facilities focuses on cancer patients, small kids, and people with mental disabilities. According to Crouse, Results Physiotherapy separates itself from others due to the uniqueness they offer by being more hands-on in order to create a community and supportive environment for their customers.

Crouse also mentioned that they still offer telehealth due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has been a great way to help patients through the use of video calls; however, they are back to normal now, yet still offer these services for people who do not feel safe to be in public yet.

The Dickson Facility is located at 210 Creekside Drive, Dickson, TN, 37055. For more information, call 615-446-7623. 

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