June 8, 2023

Things go from bad to worse on Friday night for Creek Wood.

Coming off a bye week looking to end a five-game losing streak, the Red Hawks visited Greenbrier.

The Bobcats had lost three straight to Creek Wood coming.

Greenbrier rolled to a 31-0 victory over the Red Hawks.

Creek Wood turned the ball over four times in the first half, three of those turnovers became Greenbrier scores.

The Red Hawks had no answer for Nathan Robinson who had three forced fumbles and recovered all three himself.

Robinson, a one many defensive army, holds offers from Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, and Ole Miss among others.

As if the turnovers did not hurt the Red Hawks bad enough, they could not get out of their own way with penalties.

Holding on both sides of the ball, critical false starts, plus the turnovers kept Creek Wood from ever being in this game.

Maybe the most disturbing thing about this game though was how uncomfortable and out of sync, the Red Hawk offense looked.

You expected them to seem off rhythm in the second half of the Montgomery Central game. Eathon Donaldson being thrust into action was not ideal.

However, with two weeks to prepare and develop Donaldson, the thought was Friday night he would look a lot closer to what his older brother did for three years as the starter.

That was not the case.

Two of the three fumbles and the sole interception thrown by Creek Wood were attributed to Donaldson and he just never looked totally comfortable running the offense.

I want to be clear there were positives.

The Red Hawk defense held Greenbrier scoreless in the second half and came up with two turnovers of their own.

That being said, this was not a game against the likes of Tullahoma, Pearl-Cohn, or Marshall County.

Greenbrier is not 31 points better than Creek Wood and the Red Hawks know that.

There were several controversial calls and decisions made by officials but any coach will tell you that blaming the officials is inexcusable.

All in all, it was a very tough night to be a Creek Wood fan.

Culture is great but the question has to start being asked what is going on in Charlotte.

Being without Jacob Stephens is tough.

Playing in a new top-loaded region is not ideal.

Neither is an excuse to be 1-6 overall and 0-5 in the region. Period.

Next week the Red Hawks take to the skies again and travel to Hillwood for maybe their most winnable game so far this season.

It is a must-win.

Kick-off at 7 pm, pre-game at 6:30.

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