June 4, 2023

Despite inclement weather, Creek Wood Baseball took the field yesterday.

After missing their trip to Portland Monday the Red Hawks and Head Coach Chris Clapper were set to host the Panthers.

They opted to play a doubleheader to make up for Monday.

It did not go well for the Red Hawks.

A 5-1 loss in game one and a 5-3 loss in game two, Creek Wood struggled early in both.

Portland jumped out to early leads in both games and then held on with good defense and pitching.

Creek Wood has been struggling after starting the year red hot in every way.

4-0, if you do not count the trip to Alabama, and three of those four were not close.

Then Montogmery Central came to town and the spiral down began.

Losing five of their last six including the two to Portland and two to Dickson County, Creek Wood has had some glaring issues come to light.

Aaron McCoy is once again hurt, no one’s fault but as probably one of their best all-around talents, his absence is evident.

Next are the strikeout numbers.

The Red Hawks certainly have a few guys who produce competitive at-bats, but overall they are a team of overly aggressive swingers.

Finally, something that reeled its ugly head several times against the Panthers, mental errors.

These are not always true errors that show up on the scoreboard, but mistakes that cost you runners or runs.

Andrew Bruce calling for a throw home from third but not tagging the advancing runner or throwing the batter out at first.

The right fielder throwing into second base instead of his cut-off man to get an out at the plate.

It also certainly did not help that the field at times was in no condition for baseball last night.

Creek Wood is a good team.

As evidenced by their wins over Waverly, Sycamore, East Hickman, and Montgomery Central.

Consistency matters for this team, and right now they do not have it.

Their next text will come quickly in the Good Day to Play tournament they host.

Matchup one is Thursday at 4:30 against former Creek Wood assistant Duchene and the Fairview YellowJackets.

A win would go a long way.

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