January 29, 2023

For Dickson County residents, this festival is the epitome of what makes Dickson truly home. For some it means a day of fellowship. For others, it means a day of shopping local. However, I believe we can all agree it brings generations together for one day to celebrate the community we find living in this small town. 

This year Dickson was finally able have its beloved festival to celebrate Old Timer’s Day. Last year, the tradition was unfortunately cancelled due to the global coronavirus pandemic. However, this year we were able to celebrate the 62nd Old Timer’s Day. 

As always, the festival kicked off early Saturday morning with the annual Dickson Civitan Pancake Breakfast. For someone who has never experienced this, it’s more than just paying money to sit at a table, eat, and then leave. Instead, this is a breakfast where you are surrounded by fellow Dickson County residents all supporting a great cause while talking among tables filled with plates of a hearty breakfast.

Then around 8:30 that morning, the events shifted to Main Street. Crowds begin to draw in filled with people of all ages picking out the perfect spot to watch the timeless tradition of the Old Timer’s Day parade. 

As the parade began, it was led by the Dickson County Sheriff Tim Eads, followed by fellow officers and firefighters. Next, the crowd was able to watch their elected officials, business leaders in Dickson, representatives for both high schools, and a plethora of other participants drive by waving, smiling, and throwing candy everywhere. Although the parade was shorter than usual, the crowds thoroughly anticipated and appreciated each participant who drove by. 

When the parade concluded, the crowds dispersed all over downtown to visit local shops, listen to live music, and fellowship among friends. In fact, this year attendees were even able to shop local vendors, eat from food trucks, visit a petting zoo, and kids were able to visit the Family Fun Zone.

Although the festival may have ended late Saturday night with live music; this tradition will never truly end because of the lasting memories it creates expanding through several generations.

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