February 4, 2023

Creek Wood stepped back on the floor after what ended up being a week off due to cancellations and postponements.

Portland was in town for another big-time district matchup.

The Lady Red Hawks defeated the Lady Panthers earlier in the year by thirty, this time was no different.

A thirty-three victory, the Lady Red Hawks got started early and never looked back.

Brianna Burgess did what she does best and had fourteen first-half points as well as three consecutive third-quarter threes to really put the came on cruise control.

Meanwhile, Alessia Nesbitt reminded everyone why her career is going to be something to watch for the next three and a half seasons.

Nesbitt had eighteen for the game, eleven in the second half.

She also aided the Lady Red Hawks in forcing double-digit turnovers yet again and really giving Portland no chance.

On the other hand, the boys grab a 60-46 win over the Panthers.

On paper that sounds like a solid win, and it was, but a price was paid.

Braden Dawson was ejected in the first half for allegedly going after a Portland player.

If the appeal does not go Creek Woods’ way, he would have to miss two games.

That would include a matchup with undefeated district foe Greenbrier.

Unfortunately, after Dawson was ejected things did not get better.

Jamison Ford went up for a block in the second quarter and came down awkwardly on his already sensitive ankle.

According to people inside the program, it is just a sprain not unlike what Clint Morgan had earlier this year, but rehab time does vary.

Morgan was able to rejoin the team within five days, Ford earlier this season though sat out for a little over a week with an injury to that same ankle.

In their absence, several guys stepped up.

The biggest of all being Jace Herrell.

Twenty-four total points, twenty coming in the second half after Dawson and Ford had gone down.

Morgan also came up clutch with twelve points of his own to bolster Herrell’s performance.

The road does not get easier as Greenbrier comes to town on Tuesday night.

Another critical district game, tip-off at six pm.

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