June 4, 2023

Kyle Sanders spoke on the Power Lunch this week to announce that he is running for the Second Ward seat for the Dickson City Council.

Kyle Sanders is a practicing attorney in Dickson County since 2004. He is husband to his wife Ashley and a father to his two children. He previously served on the County Commissioner’s seat from 2010-2018 and currently serves on the Planning Commission seat. Although Sanders’ left after serving for ten years, he believes in the spirit of Dickson and wants it to be the best Dickson it can be.

Sanders’ believes that his platform consists of a few specific beliefs: Main Streets are the heart beats of every city, all local businesses need to thrive, education, and that the person who sits in the County Commissioners seat brings everything about them into the position for the Dickson County.

Additionally, Sanders added that some of his top priorities include, but not limited to: making an environment for developers to build housing, continuing the cooperation relationship with schools, and fostering a good environment for industries to come to Dickson County.

His approach to the upcoming election is still wanting to get out and talk to residents of Dickson County. He also added that he wants to do what’s necessary under the budget for the people of Dickson County.

For more information on Kyle Sanders, call 615-446-9111 or visit his office located at 207 N. Main Street, Dickson, TN.

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