June 8, 2023
Joseph Daniels Receives Final Verdict

Today is Day 9 of the Joseph Daniels trial.

This morning began with Judge Wolfe resuming court and stating that he advised the jury to not deliberate after leaving the courthouse last night, nor to begin until court resume today.

Last night the jury requested to watch certain parts of the confession video again in order to analyze the information further. In fact, the jury deliberated for a total of six hours yesterday and three this morning.

The jury reached the verdict around noon today after resuming their deliberation at 9:00am.

Although Daniels has been indicted on these five original charges, the state of Tennessee also includes lesser charges within the five original ones. The jury found Daniels to be guilty on four of the five charges listed below:

First Degree Murder: Not Guilty; however, the lesser charge included Second Degree Murder, found the Daniels to be guilty.

First Degree Murder in Perpetration of a Felony Crime: Guilty

Aggravated Child Abuse: Guilty

Initiating a False Report: Guilty

Tampering with Evidence: Guilty

Daniels will be sentenced of these charges on September 14th at 1:00 in the afternoon.

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