June 4, 2023

Day six of the trial began at 8:00 am on Wednesday morning.

The prosecution began by calling detective Trevor Daniel to the stand. Daniel spent time working on this case through helping conduct multiple search and rescue teams. Throughout his testimony, Daniel discussed several maps about the locations of Garner’s Creek, McElhiney, and Harris roads. 

During his time on the investigation, he interacted with Joseph Daniels over a course of five hours. In fact, the prosecution shared thirteen different tracks that documented the interactions.

A few of the interactions are summarized below:

Track 1- “I didn’t want this to happen”. This is a direct quote stated by Joseph Daniels.

Track 3- “guess he saw everything”. This is another direct quote stated by Joseph Daniels referring to his step-son Alex Nolan.

Track 5- This track discussed where Joseph Daniels said he put him (baby Joe) in a field, buried him, and put grass on top of him.

Track 10- “I helped fix Dickson County systems”. Joseph Daniels revealed that he helped with the software the Dickson police use, which was news to detective Daniel.

After a short recess, the prosecution called Lavone Chapman-Robins to the stand. Robins worked at Love’s Gas Station at the time of the investigation and testified that she saw Joseph Daniel there twice. Robins stated that she saw a car going coasting speed on the way back to work during her break. 

During cross examination, Robins revealed that Daniels showed a picture of Joe Clyde to her and her manager at the cashiers’ counter. Additionally, Daniels shared a picture of what his son looked like and called twice after leaving. 

After her testimony, the defendant asked for her statement to be published to the jury.

The prosecution then called eight more witnesses to the stand, four of which were ruled to be expert witnesses in their respective fields dealing with either forensics or microanalysis. 

Ultimately after cross examination, the testimonies revealed that there were limited samples of blood which were not enough to give much merit to the findings. 

Day six of the trial concluded at 6:45pm that evening.

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