June 8, 2023

This week on the Power Lunch, State Representative Mary Littleton stopped by for her monthly visit. Littleton discussed several important topics that included, Human Trafficking, COVID-19 Vaccinations, and Foster Care Reviews.

Littleton began the discussion by talking about the Human Trafficking Event that was taking place in Dickson County July 27th. This event partnered with the Red Sand Project to help raise awareness about Human Trafficking, which is the second largest crime in the state of Tennessee.

Along with this, she discussed the global pandemic and the debate about vaccinations. Littleton stated that she was very against giving the COVID-19 vaccinations without parental consent. Moreover, she dove into the conversation of how there was a letter that surfaced stating that you could vaccinate children without parental consent.

Littleton then moved onto the conversation of Foster Care Review, which is one of her main focuses in legislation. Littleton made the point that several children in the foster care system aren’t close to their parents; moreover, they cannot make simple arrangements to have visitations. Additionally, Littleton stated that “if we have to get one child at a time, we will.”

For the whole interview, visit www.soundcloud.com and sear 101.5 The One & WDKN.

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