June 4, 2023

Yesterday on the Power Lunch, the Dickson County Health Department spoke about The End Slavery TN organization. This organization and partners are holding a free lesson to educate people about the issue of human trafficking, what they do at the organization and how people can get involved to help. The lesson will also be featuring a Kahoot! and the Red Sand Project.

Additionally, they discussed the Red Sand Project. This project consists of pouring red sand in the cracks of sidewalks to represent how victims fall in the cracks of the system, and to highlight the ways that people are vulnerable to exploitation.

The Human Trafficking 101 Lesson will happen Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at Janet A. Harris Community Meeting Room, in the Dickson Co. Government Building, located at 303 henslee Drive, Dickson. The lesson starts at 6:00pm.

For more information access www.endslaverytn.org. For information on how to get your red sand you can stop by the Dickson County Health Department or call (615) 446-2839.

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