January 29, 2023

On Friday, I interviewed Governor Bill Lee about the catastrophic floods in Waverly.

Governor Lee openly discussed his two tours of the Waverly community, recovery efforts, and the request for Humphrey’s County to be declared in a state of emergency.

Governor Lee discussed that his first impression of Waverly was heartbreaking to see how the floods effected the town. He then continued to talk about on his first tour there was to get feedback from the first responders on how to help them during this tragedy.

The conversation then continued to him requesting President Biden to federally declare Humphrey’s County in a state of emergency. In fact, Governor Lee stated that this request was granted in twenty-four hours.

After discussing the tours, Governor Lee moved onto the recovery efforts that are currently taking place in Waverly. Governor Lee mentioned how FEMA and the American Red Cross were both assisting the community and will be there until they get back on their feet.

When mentioning the American Red Cross, I added that the Director of the Tennessee River Chapter, Pamela Holz, stated “this is not a sprint, yet a marathon”.

Governor Lee agreed and said that the town of Waverly will need continued support and that they are willing to help throughout this process.

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