February 6, 2023

Over the weekend and between weather events, Creek Wood hosted the Good Day to Play Tournament.

It did not exactly go according to plan.

Teams participating included Fairview, Grace Christian Academy, Lakota East (Ohio), and Waverly.

The Red Hawks played each of them, except Waverly having already faced them twice, they went 1-2.

Game one saw former Red Hawk Assistant Cody Duchene take on his former team.

Now the Head Coach at Fairview it seemed like a game between familiar coaches.

Tight throughout, Creek Wood did all they could to beat themselves.

Mental mistakes on the base paths, dropped fly balls, and bad throws nearly doomed them.

Luckily, tied at three in the bottom of the seventh, they were afforded a golden opportunity.

With a speedy man on third and a senior in Jacob Stephens at the plate, they knew what they had to do.

The squeeze play was implemented and Stephens laid down a perfect bunt to force Fairview into a no-win situation.

Creek Wood walked it off 4-3 and it felt like maybe they could learn from the game.

They did not.

Taking on Grace Christian the next day, the Red Hawks once again struggled with dropped fly balls, base running issues, and mental errors.

Meanwhile, Grace Christian did what they do, play fundamental baseball.

A 12-0 drumming by them, they handled their business all weekend.

Then came Lakota East.

A team that was beatable over the weekend, because they had seen minimal live-action.

Due to weather, they had only played six or seven games all year.

Trust me, a month from now, they will be Grace Christian good.

That being said, Creek Wood gave it their all.

Once again though found a way to beat themselves and come up just short in a 4-3 loss.

Now the Red Hawks must regroup and figure it out.

Creek Wood has to win three of their four district games remaining.

Win all four, and a lot becomes easier.

Two games with Greenbrier and two with White House.

Neither team is by any stretch an easy win.

Not to mention the Red Hawks have out-of-district games with Sycamore, Fairview, East Hickman, and two with Harpeth left.

All but Harpeth they have beat before, and they need to again.

Head Coach Chris Clapper has said it to me several times and I agree, “This team is more talented than last year. They have the talent to really go somewhere.”

That Coach Clapper also says though, and again I agree “This team is selfish and lacks discipline.”

These guys have to start playing for the name on the front of the jersey, their teammates, and discipline themselves.

Know the situation, secure the catch, and be patient at the plate.

If the Red Hawks can do that, they will find themselves winning down the stretch.

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