June 8, 2023

July 6, 2022

DICKSON, TENN. – As hot, dry conditions persist, the City of Dickson has issued a ban on
all outdoor burning effective immediately until the area receives significant rainfall.
Dickson Fire Department Fire Marshal Robby Street announced the burn ban Wednesday
morning after an assessment of continuing drought conditions, high temperatures and low
humidity determined the risk to life and property has reached a critical stage.
“With only brief showers during the last few weeks, conditions in the City of Dickson have
deteriorated to the point that we don’t believe we can safely allow any outdoor burning,” Street
said. “The fire department will not issue any burn permits or sanction any outdoor burning until
we see a good, prolonged, soaking rain that will reduce the risk.”
The ban applies to any outdoor fires, including the burning of leaves, brush, debris, trash,
campfires, bonfires and even screened barrels within the boundaries of the City of Dickson.
“Right now conditions are bad enough that the smallest ember can start a grass fire that could
threaten structures and lives,” Street said. “We also urge residents to be extremely careful
discarding cigarettes and other smoking materials.”
The Dickson Fire Department ban applies to burning inside the city limits. As of Wednesday,
other Middle Tennessee areas such as Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Portland, Spring Hill, Lewisburg,
Hendersonville, Mt. Juliet, Lavergne, Brentwood and Rutherford County have issued burn bans
in recent days. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has issued general burn bans in
Montgomery, Cheatham and Sumner counties.
The Tennessee Division of Forestry regulates burning outside of municipalities with full-time
fire departments and information on current conditions and permit requirements can be found at
The last burn ban issued by the Dickson Fire Department was Sept. 18 through Oct. 7, 2019,
and was lifted after most of the city received over two inches of rain in a single day.
As of Wednesday, the National Weather Service forecast for Dickson includes an excessive
heat warning with high temperatures in the 90s and a chance of mostly scattered, afternoon
showers over the next 10 days.
The Dickson Fire Department ban will remain in effect until further notice. Announcements
will be made at cityofdickson.com or on the City of Dickson page on Facebook.
The Dickson Municipal Code requires residents of the city to obtain a permit from the fire
department prior to any outdoor burning. The permits are free but allow the department to
monitor conditions and control when and where burning takes place. Permit information can be
obtained by calling the department at 615-446-6331.
The allowed use of fireworks under the Dickson Municipal Code ended July 5.

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