June 8, 2023

June 28th, 1994 was a busy day in the world of country music. Epic rolled out the soundtrack to ‘Forrest Gump’ featuring artists like Elvis, Willie Nelson, and Bob Dylan. The nostalgic feeling of the album drove the two-disc set to a 12x Platinum certification in the US. Alan Jackson released his fifth studio album ‘Who I Am.’ It featured four number one singles and sold over 5,000,000 copies worldwide. Reba went platinum with ‘Read My Mind’ and Linda Ronstadt was quintuple platinum for her ‘Greatest Hits’ album but our Rewind Song of the Day focuses on Tim McGraw’s second platinum single ‘Don’t Take the Girl.’

‘Don’t take the Girl’ was penned by Craig Martin and Larry W. Johnson and recorded by McGraw for the ‘Not a Moment to Soon’ album which was released earlier in 1994. The album’s first single gained McGraw some attention when ‘Indian Outlaw’ climbed to number eight on the Billboard Country Charts but it was ‘Don’t Take the Girl’ that would push him over the top as one of the biggest artists on the 90’s. Following it’s success every song he released in the 90’s would chart in the top five. Check out the original video for ‘Don’t Take the Girl’ below and check out the Rewind Song of the Day, weekends at 9:10 on Your Country Mornings!

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