February 6, 2023

Friday night after picking up big wins to propel themselves into the three seed, both the Lady Cougars and Cougars traveled to Rossview.

It did not go their way.

The Lady Cougars fell 62-38 while the Cougars did not fare much better losing 72-31.

It was a night that exposed the issues both teams will have to address in the offseason.

Who can step up when AC Milam is being denied?

Will the youth of the Cougars step up and develop properly?

For both teams, can they find some consistency?

We saw both throughout the year show flashes of promise and brilliance.

AC Milam, Riley Moore, Chance Martin, and Dylan Beard, among others, all have the ability to change the course of their program’s trajectory but it starts now.

The Lady Cougars finish 12-16, 2-4 in the district and that just will not cut it.

The Cougars were an abysmal 3-23, 0-6 in the district, and they had too much talent and were very much in too many games to lose that much.

All in all next year does not project to be much different.

Unless Dickson County works to make it different.

On the bright side, again, they have the pieces in place.

Now it is just a matter of execution and hard work in the offseason.

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