June 4, 2023

Thursday night the Dickson County School Board met for its regularly scheduled monthly meeting. The meeting consisted of discussing several different topics within the school district from school nutrition to finance reports.

However, one main topic of discussion was the tennis court project at Dickson County High School. The tennis courts at the high school were in desperate need of renovations and upgrades since being built in 2001. The courts had several cracks throughout the concrete, weeds growing in-between the cracks, and the fencing was in need of reshaping.

Due to this, many people expressed concern ranging from parents to people in the community, which started to gain attention from the school board. Hence, the Dickson County School Board called a meeting and allocated funds to the project.

The project began to see progress towards the beginning of September 2021; however, progress was halted due to an unexpected problem. Upon uprooting the concrete, they discovered an old field house was buried where the courts were. This led to an issue with how to proceed and unfortunately needing more funds to continue the project.

Fast forward to the meeting on Thursday night and the school board decided to ultimately abandon the project after investing over $79,000 into it. Although this was a tough decision for the board to make, and wish it would of had a better outcome, it was the right call in their opinion.

In fact, Dr. Danny Weeks mentioned that the courts could have been completed with the remainder of the money from the allocated funds. However, if they did proceed with the project, the courts would only last for two years and the problem would return.

For now, the Dickson County High School tennis team will be utilizing the Tennesco Tennis Courts for their season until further notice.

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