June 8, 2023

By Mac Morey

The Lady Cougars played first Tuesday night against the Page Lady Patriots in what was a game that got away from them early losing 72-40.

The game started with four consecutive turnovers for Dickson on offense. That had an effect on the mental part of the game for the Lady Cougars who ended up allowing 28 total first quarter points.

18 total first half turnovers didn’t help the effort but it was the second half where the Lady Cougars got some things clicking.

Rylee Moore got three 3’s to fall from beyond the arch along with AC Milam scoring seven in the second half.

Coach Webb is confident in the second halves of all of these contests, its just about statrting off a little cleaner. 

The boys would make it a bit closer of a contest losing 56-36. 

The game started off with a spark though as the first quarter was tight ending 10-6 with Dickson down.

It was Malakhi Redman who hit a 40 foot 4 to end the quarter but it got nullified due to a turnover. 

The momentum got pulled away like drug out from under them and it showed in the second quarter as the Patriots scored 18. 

The rest of the game the Cougars would hover around 14 pints down until the 4th where it ended as a 20 point deficit 36-56.

The Lady Cougars go to Lebanon and The Cougars to Campbell County over the weekend before the first home game of the season gassing Fairview on Monday

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