January 29, 2023

A mixed bag for Creek Wood Tuesday night at Page High school.

The Lady Red Hawks for the second time this year lost by 20+ to the Lady Patriots, 66-44, while the Red Hawks avenged a tough five-point loss earlier this year with a back and forth one-point victory, 54-53.

Laura Nichols and Brianna Burgess did all they could to propel the Lady Red Hawks into a chance at victory.

Unfortunately, the experience of the Lady Patriots reigned supreme.

Page has a similar team to Creek Wood last year, in that every starter and the first 2-3 bench players all have been in their system for several years now.

They are therefore able to play fast, loose, and within themselves, rocketing them to big wins.

Holding either Nichols or Burgess under fifteen points for example would be a win for most teams, Page did it to both.

Meanwhile, despite the Lady Red Hawks having very long athletic and talented defenders up and down the lineup, Page had five players in double figures, and not all five were starters.

The Red Hawks played a very different game and team.

On the boys’ side, Page is trying to find their identity.

All eleven young men played relatively significant time for the Patriots.

Only two scored in double figures and that was only for fifteen and twelve.

They simply put are not a good offense.

Their defense, specifically outside the paint, is very good, it was in the paint though where Creek Wood got the victory last night.

Braden Dawson dominated down low, specifically in the second half.

Nineteen points, twelve rebounds, and five assists, fourteen of those points coming in the second half, he was a one-man wrecking crew for several straight possessions a couple of times.

He was aided by great defensive possessions and his teammates’ ability to move the ball around until they could find space in the paint to make the pass.

Dawson became the game plan, and he delivered.

Both teams will take an extended break now for the holidays.

The Lady Red Hawks will be back in action next week for their Christmas tournament, this year in Alabama.

Meanwhile, the Red Hawks won’t be back until January third hosting Summertown.

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