June 8, 2023

Creek Wood Basketball continues to succeed.

The Lady Red Hawks are now 2-0 after victories over Cheatham County and Lexington.

They started off sluggish with just a one-point lead at the half against County and beating the Lady Cubs by just eight.

However, they bounced back with a dominating 18 point victory over Lexington.

Of course, Brianna Burgess leads the way for this team. It is a different Bryanna, however, who at least in game one, looks as if she can finally take a step forward.

Bryanna Moore had ten points, six boards, and three assists against Cheatham.

As the season progresses you would love to see that climb into a double-double, but Moore definitely showed she is feeling a lot more comfortable out there early in this 2021 campaign.

Meanwhile, the Red Hawks have carried their heart-stopping games into this season.

1-0 themselves on the season after a 57-56 OT thriller in game one against Cheatham County.

County led 27-25 at the half, Creek Wood even trailed at the end of the third.

Yet, like so many times last season, they found a way down the stretch.

As was expected the team early will be carried by Jace Herrell and Jamison Ford while other guys get acquainted with their new roles.

Next up is a Thanksgiving tournament for both teams. You can check out the schedule with times, dates, and results on our website, wdkn.com.

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