June 8, 2023

Thursday night Creek Wood took the short drive up highway 48 to the Hill to take on Dickson County.

They once again walked away with a clean sweep.

The Lady Red Hawks controlled their game throughout walking away with a 55-44 victory, while the boys one-upped them with a 60-37 victory.

Head Coach Erin Webb for Dickson County spoke to us after the game and while she was certainly proud of Riley Moore’s seventeen points and AC Milam stepping up in the second half with eleven, she was far from happy otherwise.

According to Coach Webb, it was the lack of rebounding effort that really stood out.

I have to concur because while Laura Nichols twenty-four points and Brianna Burgess seventeen pop off the page, it is the 12 points allowed to Bryanna Moore and Savannah Baker, the majority of which came on second and even third chance baskets, that stands out.

The Lady Cougars have to improve certain areas and it starts with rebounding.

It also starts with Riley Moore and AC Milam combining for a great half or great game, instead of alternating.

Moore had thirteen of her seventeen in the first half.

Milam scored all of her eleven in the second.

In fact, Milam only took one shot in the first half, which is never going to bring success for this team.

Teams will begin to guard Moore tighter and earlier in games.

That being said, Milam has to take advantage of the fact that she will always be a defenses first focus.

Draw defenders in and find ways to get your teammates involved, then explode as you can.

All Milam and Moore have to do to see what they need to do, was look across the gym last night.

Nichols and Burgess are prime examples of two elite scorers coexisting and working as a unit.

Burgess had thirteen first-half points Nichols had eight.

Nichols assisted on nearly half to three-quarters of Burgess baskets though.

Vice versa in the second half Burgess only had four points but had four assists and drew the defense in to allow Nichols to go off for thirteen of her own.

That is the recipe for success.

Creek Wood and Dickson County play the same style, ultimately, the Lady Red Hawks just played it better.

Meanwhile, the Cougars looked totally lost.

Managing just nineteen first-half points and thirty-seven total, the offense looked disjointed and only some credit can be given to the Red Hawk defense.

Dickson County had nearly double-digit unforced turnovers and that is a recipe for failure.

As well, not a single Cougar scored more than nine points. They have to find a more consistent scoring threat.

Meanwhile, the Red Hawks bounced back strong from their ‘flu game’ at Camden.

Everyone returned except for Tanner Lampley and Greg Fort, who played versus Camden, was now out.

The rest of the Red Hawks though, returned in a strong fashion.

Only Jace Herrell exploded offensively, but the team as a whole showed a great ability to move the ball.

All down the scorecard it reads four points here, eight points there, six for this guy, and three for that one.

It was a spectacular display of unselfish play.

In the end, the games played out how many would have predicted.

Hard fought, entertaining, but going the way of Creek Wood.

Dickson County will have a chance to avenge their losses in Mid-January when they travel up highway 48 to Creek Wood to renew the rivalry yet again.

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