June 4, 2023

The County Commissioners met Monday night to approve and finalize their agenda for the month of March. This included taking into account the previous discussion and explanation from the Planning Session on March seventh.

The first and second items were to address and approve the quarterly financial reports and amendments presented by Don Hall. These reports found that Dickson County is in good standing for fuel limits, hotel and motel tax is being generated, and making sure to factor in helping the Dickson County Help Center replenish their disaster relief fund.

Mayor Rial then moved on to letting Sheriff Eads discuss the item concerning purchasing equipment for the sheriff’s department. At the Planning Meeting, Chief Deputy Murphy spoke for the department and gave the specifics of what they will use the American Rescue Fund money for. 

Sheriff Eads then confirmed that the fund money would go towards purchasing tasers, fifty-six dashboard cameras, and body cameras. However, the money would go into effect immediately, the entire inventory will take roughly eight months to receive. 

The commissioners then discussed and approved upgrading the security in the new justice building, correcting an error in the county commissioners map, and renewing an agreement with the DEA and the sheriff’s department. 

Mayor Rial then concluded the meeting by stating that the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting will be on April 18th. 

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