June 4, 2023

The County Commissioners met Tuesday night in Charlotte for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Several items were on their agenda; however the public hearing regarding zoning regulations was discussed the most.

The suggested zoning regulation would consist of three separate parts:

  1. Revise Zoning Resolution 5.041 subsection E-4
    • change lot size from 1 acre to 1.5 acres
  2. Revise Zoning Resolution 5.401 subsection E-5
    • changes lot width at building setback from 100 feet wide to 160 feet wide
  3. Amend zoning Resolution 3.030 to add subsection E
    • any new subdivision lot which abuts an existing county road or highway must have at least 160 feet of road frontage

Due to the amount of concerned citizens on both sides of the issue, the commissioners decided to motion for a delay on voting until the Growth and Development Department finalize their plan later in the year. Moreover, Mayor Rial approved the motion to form a committee to study each proposal more in depth.

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