June 4, 2023

Despite a tough 2-1 loss to Henry County in the district tournament final, Dickson County finds themselves in a region game.

The Cougars, due to the loss, will have to travel though.

The destination is not kind.

Dickson County will travel to Rossview on Tuesday night in hopes of picking up a crucial win.

Obviously, like in many spring sports, a win guarantees two more games.

Head Coach Chris Cardona, a former cougar himself, would love nothing more than to see his team have a chance to reach the Spring Fling.

If they defeat Rossview, and that is certainly a tall task, waiting on the horizon are either; Henry County or Northeast.

There are pros and cons to both.

Play the Patriots, and you get a very common and familiar opponent.

One you have competed extremely well against and fell just short of defeating.

However, the same applies to them against you, except they are the victor in previous games.

Northeast is a less familiar opponent, though still someone you know some information about.

They also happen to, on paper, be the lesser team.

Either way, the challenge is present for the Cougars were they to reach the region title.

Their sectional would be no different, the biggest challenge being possible travel.

If Dickson County reaches the game Thursday, they would almost certainly need to win, or else risk having to go West on a Saturday afternoon.

We all know the track record of either team from this county heading west in the postseason.

Not all that good.

With all that being said, first and foremost, the Cougars have to find a way to take down a very talented and capable Hawks team Tuesday night.

None of the diamond ball teams will be in action Tuesday even if they will Monday, so if you get a chance, take the 45-minute drive to the soccer pitching Clarkesville, and cheer on the Cougars on the pitch!

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