June 4, 2023

Steve Dodd will certainly bring two things with him to the Hill.

A winning pedigree as an NAIA Hall of Famer and a familiarity with middle Tennessee.

Dodd, a graduate of both Lipscomb, where he played, and Austin-Peay, where he was a graduate assistant, has coached around the region at high schools such as Hillwood and Sycamore as well as colleges like Bethel.

He has over 40 years of coaching experience across college and high school basketball and hopes to bring that to the Cougars program.

A program that just 2 years ago was winning a strong district and competing in a stronger region.

When I was able to sit down with him one thing he harped on was fundamentals.

He said he did not promise a state title, but that his teams will be fundamentally sound.

They will rebound, they will play defense, and they will surprise you.

He also pointed out he is very much about building around whatever sort of talent he has.

With over 600 wins as a head coach, Dodd pointed out has had teams win scoring 80 or 90 plus points a game, and he has had teams who scored just 50 or 60.

He certainly proved he can quickly turn programs around.

Dodd made Bethel a school not even bigger institutions like UT-Martin wanted any part of.

He also facilitated a culture change at both Hillwood and Sycamore high schools taking them from mediocrity to 20+ game winners who competed at the regional, sub-state, and state level.

When asked about why Dickson County Dodd discussed many reasons.

His wife has taught there for nearly a decade so he is familiar with the passion of the cougar faithful.

He also was quick to point out his familiarity with the program having played them while at Hillwood.

Dodd feels strongly about his ability to get the Cougars back to a place they aren’t all that far removed from.

He’ll have to wait at least another week though before getting to work as the dead period for high school sports in Tennessee continues through next week.

If you want to hear our full interview with coach Dodd check it out at the link below.

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