June 4, 2023

As expected, Dickson County’s Lady Cougars and Cougars showed potential last night visiting Clarksville High.

They also showed why they have a very long way to go.

The Lady Cougars fell to the Lady Wildcats 55-71, while the Cougars put up a nearly identical score of 51-71.

Both showed signs that they could have better-than-expected seasons.

Against the clearly superior competition, Dickson County in both games dwindled the Clarksville lead down to between 10 and 12 at different points but could not find a way to go on an extended run.

For the Lady Cougars, it was about Free Throws and Rebounds.

You cannot give a team, any team, second, third, and even several times fourth chances at points.

At some point, they will convert.

You also cannot go to the line twenty-nine times and make seventeen.

Making seventeen free throws would normally be great, assuming you shot twenty-one or twenty-two total.

However, when you shoot nearly thirty from the charity stripe, got to convert at better than 58 percent.

Just three or four more makes possibly changes how this game is played down the stretch.

On the other hand, several players showed why Head Coach Erin Webb is excited about her team.

Riley Moore proved her physical transformation this offseason will pay dividends.

She now has an ability and a desire to be hard-nosed on defense and get to the basket offensively.

Meanwhile, Jada Davidson put everyone on notice that her knee is healed as is her mind and she plans to be a baller.

Sinking two clutch threes to keep the Lady Cougars in the game in the third quarter, fighting for rebounds when she was on the floor, and claiming the post as her domain, as she develops this year she will be a force.

Lily Pierce might be the brightest spot of them all.

A freshman who very obviously is undersized and fighting a steep learning curve but her upside is enormous.

She already does not back down from a challenge defensively, has active hands, and makes passes with incredible court vision for her age.

She will only be a contributor this season but do not be surprised if she contributes to a win or two.

Now, credit where credit is due, Clarksville had more athletes and clearly had a more well-oiled system coming in.

They also have Imari Berry.

Berry is a national prospect already as a sophomore garnering offers from MTSU, Vanderbilt, Memphis, among others, and getting serious interest from Louisville and Tennessee.

She had twenty-seven points, alongside several assists, blocks, and rebounds.

Berry, while surrounded by solid talent, will be the difference in many games this season for the Lady Wildcats.

Meanwhile, the Wildcats handled the Cougars as previously stated.

The Cougars gave a great effort in the first half before being boat raced in half number two.

Josh Cope proved he has grown and learned to slow down some as a PG.

As he continues to develop, he is going to need others to step up, however.

One candidate is last night’s Steve Jones MVP, Wyatt Harmon.

Harmon saw his stats litter the scorecard.

Assists, points, rebounds, etc. Harmon got involved everywhere.

That will need to be consistent and the numbers get closer to double digits if they hope to win much this season.

Finally, I clump the following together.

Colbey Lamberth, Adam Roth, and Cade Pilkington must find a way to convert natural athleticism and elite abilities in other sports, to talent on the basketball court.

It is certainly possible as each one brings speed, length, and strength to the court.

At the moment though they look like athletes playing basketball instead of what they will need to be which is athletic basketball players.

All in all both the Lady Cougars and Cougars will need to work on the same things they have for years now.

Rebounding, Turnovers, and consistency.

Fix those three or really two of the three and wins will come.

Their next game is Thursday evening on the road once again at former district rival Summitt.

Girls begin at six pm followed by the boys.

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