June 8, 2023

The Dickson City Council met Monday evening to discuss several items on the agenda. One of the most discussed items was Ordinance #1506 to rezone the property at Blakemore Road for single family homes.

If the property were to be rezoned from an R-1 to an R-3 planned unit development, it would hold 112 single family homes. This complex would include a pool, clubhouse, dog park, and gated for security. Additionally, this would fix a traffic concern with the location by adding a turning lane.

However, since this was a public hearing, many residents from the neighborhood near the property spoke in opposition.

Mayor Weiss asked if there was a spokesperson, yet the residents all asked to speak for a couple minutes instead and it was allowed for them to do so.

Each resident who decided to give their opinion talked about traffic concerns, safety for their children and the nearby school, and the amount of volume that already exists.

After all fifteen residents spoke, the council decided to deny the rezoning request on first read.

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