June 8, 2023

Director of Dickson County Schools, Dr. Danny Weeks, spoke at the monthly Chamber of Commerce lunch yesterday at the GreyStone Golf Club.

Instead of focusing on what the COVID-19 pandemic took away from students, Weeks focused on the positive impact that the Dickson County school system had on the community.

Dr. Weeks talked about the Lunch Bunch bus that went around different parts of the community to provide hot breakfast and lunch to Dickson county students.

Additionally, he talked about the different ways they tried to make the school year as close to normal as possible. This included a banquet and a COVID-19 style graduation with input from the senior class.

Dr. Weeks concluded his presentation by stating that schools will begin this 2021-2022 school year on August 2nd. They plan to have the majority of students return, a distance learning option available, and not requiring masks.

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