June 4, 2023

Shane Chandler is running for the Ward 2 seat in the Dickson City Council. Chandler has been a life-long resident of Dickson County and has been employed at the Dickson Gas Authority for 25 years.

Chandler has previously been elected in Dickson County, serving as a Dickson County Commissioner. With this previous experience, he hopes to bring his experience in the county to the city limits.

Chandler is choosing to focus on the need to manage growth through different studies of other cities and learn from the data. Additionally, he believes Dickson needs to take a step back and assess the growth that is happening in Middle Tennessee.

Throughout his time on the Power Lunch, he stated that he has four goals. The four goals include: usable sidewalks all over Dickson, LED streetlights, improve on alleys, and buy first responders all the necessary equipment needed.

Chandler also believes that this has been a quiet election, and has seen a lot of changed in Dickson County and would like to maximize the use of the budget.

Shane Chandler can be reached at 615-626-7570 or email him at shanechandler49@gmail.com.

Early voting begins September 10th until September 25th with Election Day on September 30th.

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