June 4, 2023

As the Spring Fling comes to an end, we head into Memorial Day weekend, and summer begins.

That means camp season is here.

Coaches at both high schools are excited to host annual camps for the youngsters.

Both high schools will host one June 6th-9th.

Erin Webb, Lady Cougars Head Basketball Coach, and Red Hawks Head Baseball Coach Chris Clapper will each look to lend their years of experience.

Coach Webb will host anyone from Kindergarten through the eighth grade.

Girls from nine to eleven am and boys from noon to two.

It will be held at the DCHS Gym and costs sixty dollars per participant.

It will focus on fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

For further details check out the flyer below.

As for Coach Clapper, his baseball camp will go from nine to noon June 6th-9th.

Concentrating on the Fun-da-MENTALS, it will also help build a strong foundation for young players while building leadership and teaching them valuable life lessons.

For contact info and further details, check out the photo below.

As for football, don’t think Cougars Head Coach Jeff Tomlinson has forgotten about the sport we all know reigns supreme in many people’s eyes.

The 2022 cougar youth football camp will be from Monday, June 13th through Thursday the 16th from 8:30 to 11:30.

It is for all players entering grades two through eight in the fall of this year.

Players will receive FUNdamental instruction from coaches and players.

So again, teaching young people proper technique and footwork, as well as mechanics, while making sure they have fun and build character and leadership skills.

As always, for further info and contact, check the picture below.

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