June 4, 2023

Before Jury selection started this morning in the State of Tennessee vs Krystal Nicole Daniels, her attorneys reached an agreement.

Krystal Daniels, was facing these four counts: aggravated child abuse, conspiracy to commit aggravated child abuse or neglect, false report, and tampering with evidence or fabricating evidence.

This led to Judge Wolfe being handed a document stating that Daniels had reached a no contest plea, meaning she understands what the States evidence would be, yet not admitting that she did anything, but knowing that the State would try to provide proof to get a conviction.

With this, Judge Wolfe then went over her rights, stating that has a right to a fair and speedy trial. Additionally stating that she has the right to have her lawyer, Mr. Flannigan, to cross examine every witness and present her own. Moreover, stating that she doesn’t have to testify under the faith amendment and it wouldn’t be held against her if she did so.

Lastly, Judge Wolfe made sure that Daniels understood the convictions would be on her record and future convictions would be more severe.

At this point, District Attorney General Ray Crouch then provided what proof they would present to the jury.

The proof included: an argument about the paternity of baby Joe Clyde Daniels, co-defendant began to beat and whip the child, Daniels witnessed the act and saw the lifeless and still body, aware of Joseph Daniels removing the body from the home, conspired with Joseph to tell a story to law enforcement that baby Joe escaped the house, and tampering with evidence. In fact, General Crouch added that the investigation is still ongoing because the body has still yet to be found.

Finally, Judge Wolfe found Krystal Nicole Daniels guilty of all counts and is to serve 15 years at 85%.

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