by Jake Nichols and Emily Blackmarr

Due to storms this past weekend, Dickson County has experienced plenty of rainfall, storms and ensuing weather-induced damage. 

The amount of rain within the city was approximately 4 to 4.5 inches of rain, said Dickson County Emergency Management Director Rob Fisher on Monday. 

“That is a heavy, extensive amount of rain,” he said. “It’s just hard for any waterway to handle that much, that fast.”

Fisher also said that he’s still waiting on official figures from the National Weather Service, but that by his knowledge, this is the greatest amount of rainfall Dickson County has experienced since February of 2019. 

When that occurred, rain pounded the northern portion of the county near Van Leer and Cumberland Furnace. Altogether, that area received between 4 and 6.5 inches of rain in different parts. 

From this past weekend, though, Fisher said that there were over 5,000 residents without power. 

But the damage wasn’t just electrical. 

There is also a large sinkhole between Dunkin’ Donuts and Radioshack on Mathis Drive. It was caused because Fisher said the “culvert system and storm drain system just couldn’t handle that heavy of flow, so that blew out, and we had a sinkhole pop up there.”

Another sinkhole opened behind a group of business condominiums on Luther Road, swallowing a pickup truck that is now sticking up through the gap.

There was also an apartment flooding on Spring Street. For more on the apartment flooding, we’ll be contacting the Dickson Fire Department on Tuesday when the shift that worked on that issue returns to work.

As far as further damage, Fisher said that the bridge over Yellow Creek suffered headwall damage, and that a car found its way into a ditch because of the flooding on Highway 48 N. 

Both occupants were unharmed.

In total, over 21 roads had some sort of damage, whether they were reduced to one lane or had limbs or debris scattered across the roadway. 

Fisher said that all roadways in the city should be cleared by now and that Dickson Electric should be praised for its job in restoring power on Sunday. 

“As of right now, roadways are open,” he said. “Everything’s back to normal or almost to normal. The electrical department did a fabulous job yesterday restoring power to the number of citizens that we had without power.. all of our emergency departments, county-wide… all of our responders did a great job yesterday.”

Still, Fisher issued a remaining warning to residents that live outside Dickson city limits: 

“We may have some roads out in rural areas that the highway department hasn’t gotten to completely clear them.. residents still need to be careful in the next couple of days just to give the highway department time to clean that up.”

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