UPDATE: Fire in Downtown Dickson, No reported injuries, may have been started with an electrical fire outlet, Main Street blocked off

1:00 pm

Dickson Fire Department remains on the scene of a Friday morning fire at Home Again Antiques and Gifts, located on 128 North Main Street in Downtown Dickson.  Crews are checking the interior for hot spots and no injuries were reported. 

Crews also continue to ventilate smoke form adjoining businesses House Blend, Zack’s Music and Morgan Farms.

Dickson Fire Department Chief Richard Greer said fire damage was contained to the ground floor of Home Again, although firefighters did have to attack the fire from the roof and through multiple ceilings of the building.

Greer said Dickson County Fire and Rescue and Burns Fire Department responded for mutual aid while the Dickson Police Department handled traffic control and Dickson County Emergency Medical Services was on standby at the scene.

At this time the cause of the fire is unknown. Greer said  witness reported seeing flames coming from the area of an electrical outlet, but that has not been confirmed. An investigator fro the State Fire Marshal’s Office should be on the scene within the next couple of days.

As of 1 pm Friday, Greer said he expects crews to remain on the scene and Main Street closed for at least two more hours.


A fire at a Downtown Dickson antique shop may have been caused by an electrical outlet.

Around 10:55 Friday morning, an eyewitness who was shopping in Home Again Antiques and Gifts, located on Main Street heard a popping noise.

“I was standing there and I heard some popping and I looked down and saw form flashing. I kind of watched it for a minute and I saw  flames and I let everyone know that ‘It’s on fire, it’s on fire we need to get out,’ ”

At least seven people: four shoppers and three workers evacuated the building. 

Emergency services arrived on the scene less than 5 minutes after the 911 call was made. No injuries have been reported.

City of Dickson Mayor Don Weiss says situation is under control, firefighters are cleaning building out and making sure there are no hotspots in the building.

Mayor Weiss believes that the fire started at the back of the building. 

“I think we are a lot more comfortable at this point than we were an hour ago,” said Weiss.

Mayor Weiss believes that the fire started at the back of the building.

Clean up efforts are in occurrence.  Main Street is blocked off and may be blocked off until the end of the day.

Updates will continue throughout the day. 

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