Unemployment holds steady across Tennessee

The October statistics for unemployment were released last week, and according to the statistics, most counties in Tennessee experienced either a drop in unemployment or remained steady.

Dickson County, which recently ranked 8th in lowest unemployment rate, dropped out of the top ten for the month of October, but it’s no reason for any Dickson Countians to worry.

Dickson County’s unemployment rate for October was 3.2%, still among the lowest in the state and tied with Knox and Moore Counties, who ranked 9th and 10th respectively. The rate holds steady with September’s unemployment rate and is just 0.4% higher than the unemployment rate in October 2017.

“It’s interesting how nearly all the counties with the lowest unemployment in the state showed no movement in their rates during October,” said TDLWD Commissioner Burns Phillips. “And that was the case with more than one-third of the counties in Tennessee. It’s just one more sign the state’s economy is holding strong.”

Here’s the list of the ten counties in Tennessee with the lowest unemployment rate:

  1. Williamson (2.7%)
  2. Davidson (2.9%)
  3. Rutherford (2.9%)
  4. Cheatham (3.0%)
  5. Sumner (3.0%)
  6. Sevier (3.0%)
  7. Wilson (3.1%)
  8. Smith (3.1%)
  9. Knox (3.2%)
  10. Moore (3.2%)

Here’s the list of the ten counties in Tennessee with the highest unemployment rate:

  1. Lauderdale (6.8%)
  2. Bledsoe (6.1%)
  3. Hardeman (5.6%)
  4. Obion (5.6%)
  5. McNairy (5.5%)
  6. Haywood (5.4%)
  7. Carroll (5.4%)
  8. Hancock (5.1%)
  9. Benton (5.1%)
  10. Lake (5.1%)

“While the employment situation is holding steady in a majority of the state’s counties, we do have areas that experienced an uptick in unemployment last month,” said Phillips. “We need to take a look at those counties and work with our local partners to see what we can do to increase access to new jobs for all Tennesseans.”

Statewide, the unemployment rate inched up 0.1%, bringing the average unemployment rate to 3.7%. Across the nation, the unemployment rate held steady at 3.7% for the second consecutive month.