Swap and Shop rules and contact

There are 2 ways to contact Swap and Shop. 

  1. Call (615) 446-4000 between the hours of 10 and 11:30am to list your items for that day.
  2. Are the phone lines busy? Email us at swapandshop@wdkn.com.
  3. Are you looking for an item that was on the show? Look no further. Each day’s list is here.

There are a few rules to know before you call. 

  1. No business listings. We keep the show on the air by sponsorships from businesses and it isn’t fair to our sponsors for other businesses to call and advertise for free.
  2. No firearm listings.
  3. No unmentionables. (If you have to ask if an item is an unmentionable it probably is.)
  4. 3 items per phone number.