Swap and Shop-Oct. 14, 2020

For Sale kitchen table and 4 chairs for 35$, old radios, and Looking for straw or hay bales. 615-944-5948

For Sale: Wheelbarrel for 40$, dog igloo for 30$, and pet carrying cage for 30$. 615-987-6744

20year old central air unit that needs a heater switch replaced. Needs someone to replace it. 615-818-5625

For Sale: 2 wheelchairs, a couch, and an oak end table. 615-969-1659

For Sale: 2 fish fryers and a big iron pot. 615-789-4509

For Sale: 12 old children’s books for 20$, 20 Louis Lamore paperback books for 20$, and complete set of Elvis Presley cards for 20$. 615-310-9213

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