Swap and Shop-Nov. 11, 2020

For Sale: fresh eggs 3$ a dozen, antique glassware set for 100$, and bunnies for 15$. 615-920-4639

For Sale: 6 shock collars, chain link fence panels, and utility trailer. 615-330-0463

For Sale: tire for 30$. 615-763-2912

Looking for:4200 Vortek engine and a 2001 Dodge intrepid that needs an engine, Selling: and 2004 Impala for 2500$. 615-446-6484

For Sale: parts for a ’72 volkswagon beetle, trailers, and does gravel hauling. 615-517-0626

For Sale: central unit fan for $75 and twin bedframe for 25$. 615-397-6101

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