Swap and Shop April 10, 2019

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1. FS: Electrical tools (skills saw, hand planter0 mechanical tools, hammers drill bits, 4 step ladders Friday and Saturday 9am- 5pm 615-446-8951  1520 Duke Loop off of Rock Church Rd.

2. FS: 1990 Chevy GMC pickup, new paint job, twin pipes, new tires;  $5,500; 1989 RV $5,300  615-917-6722

3. LF: Recliner and outside porch rocker or metal chairs; LF: Baby high char 615-828-3283

4. LF: Morale Mushrooms  615-210-3515

5. FS: Set of blue ball jars half gallon, quart, and pint all cleaned zinc lids $18 set of 3; Complete year of 1945 popular mechanic magazine, good shape $20 for the year; 1964 Sears catalog, 500-600 pages $10 615-310-9213

6. FS: Mowers motors; Small tiller, Cow hood 615-939-1873

7. FS: Goats, boar and boar mix. nannies and kids $100-$150 615-441-1696

8. FS: Men’s 10 speed trail bike, good condition 931-624-3117

9. FS: Commercial pickup truck toppers one for short bed and another for an 8ft truck, sliding doors; yard machine 42 in cut for parts, 17 horse motor $50 615-545-5357

10. LF: Lawns to mow, light tree work and landscaping 615-708-9054 ask for John

11. LF: Gourds and plastic easter eggs 615-446-5171 or bring it to the Dickson County health and rehab center ask for Gary

12. FS: Dryer, white in color 615-714-8763

13. LF: Little tike and step 2 climbing toys, slide and a swing set 615-289-3464

14. FS: Weather tech mats that goes in a truck, black in color, for an extended cab $25 615-797-1259

15. FS: Gulf Shore Town home for the summer, 2 units to choose from 615-674-2200

16. FS: Brown area rug $10 931-206-7801

17. LF: Homes to clean or sit with the elderly 931-670-6459 ask for Margie

18. LF: Motorcycle mechanic for a 1989 Ford cylinder engine 615-630-5721

19. LF: Wheel for a Jeep (5 on 4.5) 17 or 18 inch by 10 inches wide 931-264-1779 call or text

20. LF: Patio furniture (porch swing, or rocking chairs or even just patio chairs); LF: Rehome a male cat, his name is waffles he’s about 3 years old and has been neutered and up to date on shots. He comes with a litter box, kennel and bag of food.  931-325-5542

21. LF: Fridge and dryer 931-206-2962

22. FS: 110 air conditioner, GE brand 5000 BTU; Steel hedge trimmer, New kerosene heater and power tools 615-881-2056