Sheriff’s office calls off search in Claylick after finding no evidence for report of wounded man

The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office has called off its search for a reportedly wounded man heading into the woods in the Claylick area outside White Bluff. Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe said deputies searched the area thoroughly Thursday morning and could find no evidence to confirm the report. Bledsoe said a citizen approached White Bluff Police Department Chief Mike Holman at an area service station around 7:30 am Thursday and reported he had seen a shirtless man bleeding from his side and carrying a handgun along Claylick Road/Highway 250. The witness said he stopped to assist the man who cursed at him and walked into the woods. Holman notified the sheriff’s office, which sent deputies to the area to conduct a search. Bledsoe said the witness returned to the scene to point out where he had seen the man but the search turned up no blood or other evidence and there have been no other witness reports from motorists or residents in the area or reports of a wounded individual showing up at an area hospital. Bledsoe said the department will continue to monitor the area but at this time has nothing else to follow up and has discontinued the search.