Search For Me Foundation offering reward for Baby Joe case

Joseph Clyde Daniels, better known as “Baby Joe,” has been missing since April and there is still little to no known evidence. Baby Joe was reported missing by his parents, who are now charged with his presumed murder. His father, Joseph Ray Daniels, is charged with murder; his mother, Krystal Nicole Daniels, is charged with aggravated child neglect.

After months of searching, Baby Joe has not been located. Now, a nonprofit has offered a reward for information leading to a recovery after they were approached by Baby Joe’s grandparents.

The Search For Me Foundation announced earlier this week that they will be offering a $10,000 reward on a sliding scale for any information that is brought forward leading to the recovery of Baby Joe. The offer decreases by $1,000 every month if there is no new information. The foundation said in a message that the sliding scale acts as a incentive for anyone with information to come forward sooner rather than later.

David Marshburn, co-founder of the Search For Me Foundation, and his team conducted their own private investigation in Dickson County last week. Since the investigation, they’ve released a series of Facebook Live videos with theories and findings based on their investigation. Their most recent video depicted a theory in which Baby Joe drowned in a bathtub rather than being beaten to death by his father, Joseph Ray Daniels.

The Search For Me Foundation was founded in 2017 by David Marshburn and Chris Thomas. They are located in Smithfield, North Carolina.